Lovely Cabins by Laura DeVito

Silver Falls State Park has so many wonderful things. I usually hike it once or twice a week, and each time it is different. With the changing seasons of brilliant yellow leaves from the Big Leaf Maple to the gorgeous bluish green lichen that tends to get more vibrant as winter rains fall, there’s a lot going on. Did you know that there’s also some fun places to stay and also have events? Silver Falls Lodge and Conference Center is a fun place to explore, too.

They have a wide range of cabins including fun names like Calypso or Chickaree. It could be for a retreat, a wedding, or perhaps just a little get away where you can fully enjoy the temperate rain forest in all it’s glory. There’s also a food service that comes along with some of the plans.

Imagine breathing in all the goodness of different flowers blooming in spring and exploring trails that start right outside your door. Did you know that there could be homes out there with similar qualities to being out in the great outdoors? Let’s explore those options together and figure out your perfect oasis.

Silver Falls Lodge and Conference Center - Dining Area

Silver Falls Lodge and Conference Center - Dining Area