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Nature Design Inspiration by Laura DeVito

Painted Hills

Nature is great design inspiration. When working with my clients, I use my art and design expertise to offer another lens when it comes to selling their own home or potentially being interested in another home. There’s many possibilities out there, and sometimes color makes all the difference in the world.

Take the glorious Painted Hills in Eastern Oregon for instance. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the Painted Hills a couple of times in my life. The different layers showing time and what types of materials are embedded. Red usually indicates copper. I have seen prints on the Painted Hills before. Sometimes human, and other times it looks like deer have traipsed on through. Although sometimes irritating to see human foot prints on these pristine hills, it also creates another texture to the landscape.

The subtle layers that have taken thousands (if not millions) of years to stack up are awe-inspiring. I think that we are in awe of such a place, because within our very being we realize in a second that it has taken that long to create such a place. Nature is a talented force.

When it comes to home design, be it surface or structural, nature may serve as a compass. For example, the gradation of color throughout the Painted Hills, the way in which they are spaced out within the landscape, and also the brilliant contrast that is created between the soft lines of the warm colored hills to the vibrant blue sky. Putting red and orange next to blue actually cause color vibration to the eye. This means, that the colors pop more. Perhaps this is something to think about regarding your home and design inspiration.